At the end of each course, Certificates will be issued to members who meet the minimum requirements. Once you are registered, you can go through all the entrepreneurship course (OVER 80 COURSES FREE) or take only the particular course you are interested in.


Almost all the courses are online based and world-standard, with comprehensive video tutorials, interactive webinars, downloadable study materials and follow-up quiz and assessment.

Few advanced courses will be taught physically (See details on the course content  page)

You can register in 2 ways:

(1). Pay directly online using your ATM CARD

Simply click on this link and put your name, email and Card details. This Payment is processed securely through PayStack, It is highly Secured and supported by all commercial banks in Nigeria and can accept most ATM cards. Click on the button to pay.


If you find it difficult to pay using your ATM, or you don’t have an ATM, use option 2

(2) Pay to our account either cash or electronic transfer. Our account details are:

ACC NO:  0040312382

Then send your name (the name you use to make payment), and email address to 08033960431. Please send in this format;    “JOIN MILLIONAIRES ACADEMY” to “my name, my email address” to 08033960431. Please make sure you have paid before sending this sms message.

(Emcorp Technologies Ltd. is the parent Company of Millionaires Academy)

After payment, Check your email and also your Junk Folder. You will receive the Millionaire Package containing the 20 confidential manuals in batches to prepare you for the program, plus further instructions and program time table.

For further inquiries, call 08033960431 or Visit our office at No 280 Aba road, Rumuokwurushi Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will I pay another tuition fee after paying the registration fee ?

No. Your registration fee gives you access to over 80 comprehensive courses. Only few advanced courses (optional) listed on the course page, will attract a subsidized fee, because they cannot be taken online. As long as you register during this promo period, you will never pay for any of the free courses.

Why am I paying  only N5000 for over 80 business courses ?

Millionaires Academy is a Youth Empowerment Initiative. We intend to bring professional business training and intensive skill acquisition program within the reach of everyone. Each of our course is worth far more than N5000, and the entire program has a value of over N500,000. However we do everything in our power to reduce the cost of the program to the barest minimum to afford every young person the opportunity of getting a quality business education and be empowered with marketable skills. Our highly successful sponsors, partners, past alumni, facilitators and the coordinator, all help to keep cost down. Therefore the quality of our delivery is not affected by the low registration cost, but we know that moving forward, course fees will come into effect to make the program self sustaining. That is why we implore you to take advantage of this promo period and register, as any future increase or cost will not affect you.

Can I trust this Company ?

Yes 100%. Why? The Company is registered with the CAC, with registration number RC 1158323. We have a physical office where we can be contacted in person. And we are very sincere, because this program was born out of passion occasioned by the alarming rate of unemployment and under employment, waste of talent, high rate of business failure and high level of ignorance and poor training among young Nigerian Entrepreneurs.

Do I need to come down to your office for the course ?

No, almost all the courses are online based, with comprehensive video tutorials, interactive webinars, downloadable study materials and follow-up quiz and assessment.

Do I need to be online all the time ?

No, our time table is flexible. This is because we already have people from all works of life on our platform – business men and women, young students, doctors, bankers, school leavers, NYSC participants, office employees etc.. Thus we made the program flexible, so you can come online at your spare time and go through your course or download it to your device for your convenience. You take the quiz only when you are ready.

Will I understand the course ?

If you understand simple English, you should be able to follow up. We are here to teach business and Money making, not grammar. So whether you are a young student or a doctor, we all have a common purpose and everyone will be carried along.

Can I make money with this program ?

The difference between a normal business school and Millionaires Academy is that while business schools most times teach theory by academic lectures, Millionaires Academy teaches 100% practical lessons in business and real skill acquisition, facilitated by people who are actually doing business and are already very successful in their field.  So you have a much higher chance of financial success with us. Again our name Millionaires Academy is not by accident. We are purely focused on creating real world millionaires, and we already have proof that our method is working.

What is the next thing after making my payment ?

Once you make your payment, kindly send your name and email to 08033960431 (as shown above). You will get an sms confirmation in a few minutes to confirm your payment. You will then get the Millionaire Package (20 Manuals). Finally you will receive a unique username and password which you will use to log into the training portal once it opens.

NOTE : Effective 1st February 2017, Cost of Registration will be N10,000.